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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


In Class 2, we are taught by Mrs Ellis and we are supported by Mrs Brennan and Mrs Cassidy. Mrs Burnett also teaches us when Mrs Ellis is completing her planning and preparation.


We are a class of Year 2's, who enjoy to learn and challenge ourselves.

We follow the calm school code to ensure that we can complete our learning to the best of our ability.


Calm School Code

Act Kindly

Listen Carefully

Move Calmly

Speak Nicely


The calm school code also helps us to be good Christians, following our school values at all times within our Church school life.




Please take a look at the Meet the Teacher welcome letter...

Indian Drumming Workshop

Indian Drumming Workshop 1
Indian Drumming Workshop 2

Nav came to visit our school and brought his drums. He played them for us and then showed some of us how to use them too!

Here are some of our thoughts:

"I had never heard the Indian drums before" - Maggie

"They are loud like me!" - George

"It was magical" - Faith

"It was phenomenal"  - Meryem

"I'm speechless" - Harry

"I was amazed" - Kadija

"I really enjoyed it!" - Harley

"It was mindblowing. Nav should come back and teach us more!" - Isabella G

"It was awesome! Thank you!" - Marianna

Blackpool Zoo Trip - 16th April 2018

On Monday 16th April, Year 2 visited Blackpool Zoo. We had a wonderful day, the sun was shining, and we saw many of the amazing animals. We took part in an educational workshop where we were taught all about African animals. We saw a giraffe's leg bone, an elephant's tooth (it was huge!) and we even got to hold a hissing cockroach! We learnt lots of new information to bring back to school, and saw many different African animals to help us build our knowledge of our topic. A very enjoyable day was had by all.

Purple Mash


Don't forget to log into Purple Mash to complete your 2do's!

There are English, Maths and Science activities for you to have a go at!

Just click on the Purple Mash logo to be taken to the website.

World Book Day


It was World Book Day on Thursday 1st March, but don't forget that our day of celebrations has been postponed to next Wednesday - 7th March.

You can click on the picture to be taken to the World Book Day website, where you can listen to lots of free audio books!


In preparation, have a think about your favourite book and write a book review. You can do this on the computer and email it back to school, or you can print it off and hand it in.


There is a template you can use below.

I look forward to hearing about your favourite books!

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

In our English unit, we have already met Plop, the baby Barn Owl, who is afraid of the dark. This week, we wrote letters to Plop to try and convince him that the dark isn't too bad!

To help us understand more about the main character in the story, please do some research about owls. What do they eat? How many types of owl are there? Where do they live?

You can present this research in any way you choose, but be sure to include lots of information to teach your classmates about what you have found!

Mathematics - Money


In Maths, we have been learning about money. 

Click on the coins to be taken to different games where you can practice your skills.


Adding Amounts of Money

Have a go at this worksheet - adding the amounts of money together. Remember to use the strategies that we have learnt to add 2 numbers together e.g base 10.

Times Tables


Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the songs we use in class to practice your times tables!

English - Write a recount


Go out and explore the snow, go on a snow walk, or build a snowman. Remember to take some photos, and then write a recount about what you have done - remember to add lots of description about your feelings, what the snow was like and include lots of details about what you did so that you can share it with all of your friends and teachers in school. 

You could handwrite your recount, type it up or create a powerpoint about what you did, but remember it must be in the past tense!


Super Movers!


If you are feeling the chill today, warm up by completing some of the super-movers routines to help you with your learning as well as keeping active.

Click on the picture below.



Secret Agents always need to keep practising! Have a go at these English and Maths workouts - they should only take you 10 minutes!

Geography - Maps and Directions

This snow is causing problems with the traffic and the roads!

As part of our topic work, we have been learning about compass directions as well as re-capping our left and right in order to follow directions on maps.

Can you write a route for you to walk from your house to school? The snow is making it difficult to use the cars, so you need to be using roads that are safe to walk down.

Remember to use your left and right to help you write your directions. You could even try using the compass directions to write a very accurate route - but remember North isn't always in front of you!

Reading Advent Calendar - A Christmas Story for every school day in December!

Advent Calendar of Kindness and Giving

As part of our R.E topic about gifts, we decided that we would complete an advent calendar of kindness and giving. We created a different act of kindness for every school day in December. They included giving each other hand-made cards, making treats for the adults in school, icing a biscuit for Reception, sending a card to the Police, Firemen and Paramedics, and even sending a card to the Queen! 

We have really enjoyed seeing the smiles our gifts bring to people's faces, it has made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

A Special Christmas Visitor.... Tuesday 19th December

Travelling back in time... the history of the school!

To launch our topic - The History of the School - we travelled back in time!

We entered our classroom in the Victorian times - all of the tables were in rows and there were no books to write in! We wrote on chalk boards, and practised our handwriting using pens on copypaper. 

We played some Victorian games and learnt alot about how our school would have been when it first opened in the old school across the road.

Picture 1

No Pens Day Wednesday


On Wednesday 18th October, we celebrated No Pens Day Wednesday. During the day, we locked all of our pens away and we complete all of our learning through speaking and listening.


We learnt about resilience through the Premier League Primary Stars poetry competition. We are going to create a new version of the Try, Try Again poem to enter into the competition, see the original advert below.

Premier League Primary Stars TV Advert - Try, Try Again!

Still image for this video

Our Brand New Library!

This week, we visited our brand new library! We couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

"It felt like there were fairies in the magical doors" - Erin

"It was enchanting" - Zach

"It was like the magic doors would make us fly" - Aiden

"The chairs are fantastic" - Tia

"Incredible" - Dylan

"Fantastic and Amazing!" - Hannah

"Glorious" - Isabella S

"Magical stools will make us read fantastically" - Maggie

"Fairy doors are incredible" - Hooria

Once Upon An Ordinary School Day.. Or was it?

Today, something extraordinary happened!

We arrived at school for an ordinary school day, just like in the story we have been reading, and when we walked into the classroom, we were horrified!!!

The tables and chairs had been disturbed and there was a box on the carpet, with all the contents spilling out. There were also some dusty footprints across the carpet! Luckily, the scene had been sealed off so it hadn't been disturbed!

We quickly began our detective duties, and we came to the conclusion that it must be a dinosaur, that can fly, which perhaps hatched out of an egg inside of the box.

We looked out for the dinosaur all day, and we even made posters to warn the rest of the school about what had happened!

Image result for once upon an ordinary school day

Roald Dahl Day - Wednesday 13th September 2017

On Wednesday 13th September, we celebrated Roald Dahl Day.

Today, if he was still alive, Roald Dahl would have turned 101 years old. 

Key Stage 1 focused on the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the teachers came dressed as characters from the story!

We had a wonderful morning, acting out the story in the reading corner, completing Roald Dahl themed challenges, and even tasting some chocolate so that we could write our descriptions of the chocolate room!!!

P.E in Year 2

In Year 2, we do P.E on a Wednesday afternoon and a Thursday morning.

It is a good idea to have our P.E kits in school from Monday to Friday so that we don't miss out!

It is also a good idea to leave our ear-rings at home on P.E days as they have to be removed for sports activities.


P.E kit:

Indoor – Black pumps/bare feet, navy or black shorts, white t shirt

Outdoor – Trainers, navy or black  shorts/joggers/leggings, white t shirt, navy sweatshirt

Reading in Year 2


In Year 2, our reading books will be changed on a Friday, however it is a good idea that reading books are kept in book bags so that they are available for reading with in school.


Children will also get the chance to read to an adult twice a week in school during our guided reading sessions. During this time, we will explore a book, completing comprehension based tasks to develop our understanding of both fiction and non-fiction books.


The children will also have the chance to visit our school library to choose a book every week.



In June 2016, the children completed the phonics screening check to assess their level of understanding. If your child did not pass the test in Year 1, they will assessed again at the end of Year 2,in June 2017. 

The screening check contains 40 words divided into two sections of 20 words.

Each page contains either four made up words or four real words.


We practice our phonics every day and use our sounds in our reading and writing. We will be re-capping Phase 5 where appropriate. Here are the Phase 5 sounds for you to practice...


 ay   ou   ie   ea   oy   ir   ue    ue   aw   wh   ph   ew   ew   oe   au   ey   a-e   e-e   i-e   o-e   u-e   u-e


You can practice your phonics by clicking here


Times Tables

In Year 2, we begin to learn our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

Here are some of the songs that we use in class to help us learn.



2 times tables

Still image for this video

3 times tables

Still image for this video

5 times tables

Still image for this video

10 times table

Still image for this video