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Welcome to Class 4/5!

Our class teacher is Miss Rushton.

We also have three super teaching assistants who support our learning, Mrs Wilkinson, Miss McCoskery and Mrs Hayman. 

During the week, Mrs Burnett also teaches us. 


Please take a look at our class page and see what we have been learning.

General Information


In Class 4/5, all children have P.E. lessons on a Thursday afternoon. Children should bring their P.E. kits into school on a Monday and we usually keep it until the end of each half-term.

Trainers will be needed daily as we are currently taking part in the 'Mile a Day' project.

Every Monday morning, Year 4 children will also attend swimming lessons. This kit will be sent home on the same day.

For all kit requirements, please see the website. Also, please ensure that all items have names in.

Note: Earrings must be removed for all sports activities, so please could you remove these at home on Monday and Thursday. 

Reading Books
We encourage children to read at home daily as this will help them in all areas of the school curriculum. Reading book bags and reading books should be brought into school daily to be checked. Please sign the reading record each time your child has read. Throughout the week, there are also opportunities for your child to visit our wonderful school library.

This year, children will be given homework weekly. Each Friday, children will receive their homework task and it should be completed and returned to school the following Thursday. The homework task will relate to their learning in class and will be explained to them when they receive it.

If you have any queries regarding homework, please let us know.

Homework Club is on a Monday at lunchtime. Please come and see us if you need help.
Spellings and Times Tables
Spellings will be sent home each Friday and should be learnt for the following week. These will mirror what we have been learning in class. Please find the statutory spelling lists for each year group below.

By the end of year 4, children are expected to learn their times tables up to 12 x 12 so we encourage children to practise these at home. Children will receive times table race sheets which will help them to improve their scores.


Our Christian Value for Summer Term 1 is...



This value is important to us because...

'The only way to have a friend is to be one.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We will develop our friendship skills by creating friendship bracelets together!



Our Christian Value for Spring Term 2 is...



This value is important to us because...

We need to remember to forgive, forget and move forward.

‘Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive others.’

Colossians 3.13 


In class worship, we will be exploring what it means to forgive someone and exploring quotes and questions:

'It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an even stronger person to forgive.'


Have you ever found forgiving someone very hard to do?


'Forgiveness is a funny thing, it warms the heart and cools the sting.' (William Arthur Ward)

What do you think these words of wisdom mean?


'As I walked out of the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.'

(Nelson Mandela)

Why do you think Nelson Mandela's example of forgiveness has inspired so many people?


'When you forgive you don't change the past, but you do change the future.'

(Bernard Meltzer)

Can you think of a time when the future has been changed by an act of forgiveness?


Image result for daisy forgiveness


02.03.18 - Activities

There are still many '2do' activities ready to complete on Purple Mash:

  • Reading and quizzes on Serial Mash.
  • English - Write a newspaper report based on the Snow Sticks video.
  • English - Grammar tasks.
  • Maths - Place value, Fraction and times table activities.
  • Science - Food group research and information sheet.
  • Computing - Online Safety Quiz & Simulation task


Once you have completed the above, please have a look at today's tasks below.

These tasks can be completed on Purple Mash, in homework books or on paper.

We will be awarding golden stars for children who have really made an effort to complete these tasks.

  • Geography - Create a Scandinavian information poster. Choose one country to focus on - Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning all about Scandinavia and comparing these countries to the UK. I wonder what you will be able to share with our class. Please focus your research on the geography of Scandinavia-position on a map, physical/human features, places of interest, climate, flag, etc. It would be interesting to know what the weather is like in Scandinavia at the moment. We can present these posters in class next week.
  • Writing - Write a character description of an elf, fairy or troll to support our newspaper report work in English. Please include the year 4 and 5 skills of expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials (including -ing/-ed/adverb/simile openers) and relative clauses in your description. You could even include a picture!
  • Reading - As it was World Book Day yesterday, please read a book of your choice and complete your book review template that was sent home. Various audiobooks can be found here.
  • R.E. - Our value this half-term is FORGIVENESS. In collective worship, Miss Stott asked us to reflect on times when we have forgiven and times when we have been forgiven. I would like you to read the Bible story of the Unforgiving Servant (found below). Please design a cartoon strip to tell this story or a modern interpretation of this story. There is a template below, but this could also be created using plain paper and a ruler.



01.03.18 - Activities


Please check Purple Mash and complete the 2dos.

I have selected those activities that we looked at yesterday.

There are many to choose from and work through. 

There are reading, writing, maths, computing and science activities.

Have a go!

For more information and help on our topics, click on each subject below. 





Remember to practise your times tables using the 2simple Table Toons!

There is also Super Movers (there is a link further down the page).

Like we said yesterday, choose the games and times tables that you need to work on.


Also, remember to check out our Class Blog on Purple Mash.

Our Digital Leaders have put information on for us. They need your opinions and ideas.


Thank you.


Our Christian Value for Spring Term 1 is...



This value is important to us because...

We need to brave and try new things.

We should carry on when we find things difficult.

And always believe in ourselves!

In collective worship, we have enjoyed singing: 'Be Bold, Be Strong'



Times Table Races!

Each day, we have times table races after lunch.

We are competing against our own highest score in order to move through the sets.

By the end of year 4, we must recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 × 12.

Recently, we have enjoyed watching, singing and dancing along to the BBC Sport Super Movers video clips. The songs are really catchy and memorable!


Spelling Bee!

Next week, children will be invited to take part in the St. James Lanehead Spelling Bee. It is an opportunity for children to improve and share their knowledge of spelling patterns.

Each child will have 2 minutes to spell words out loud from the year group list. 

  Very exciting!

Please don't be afraid. 

Believe in yourself, be brave and have the courage to have a go!

Good Luck and keep practising!


Spelling Bee sheets are attached below:



Purple Mash!


All children have logins for Purple Mash. There are some amazing resources which children can access at home and continue their learning. 


Super Science!

This week, we learnt about muscles in the human body. 

Our main task was to make a model of a human arm using simple materials to demonstrate movement. 
We had a choice to explore or use an instructions sheet-we all decided to explore as we love being scientists and testing our ideas!
Afterwards, we had to explain how the muscles in the upper arm worked using key vocabulary - relax and contract.


Fantastic Fractions!

This week, we have been learning about fractions. 

Attached below, there are website links to games involving fractions.

This could help us to consolidate our knowledge.


Vikings - Vicious or Victorious?

As well as the Spring 1 knowledge organiser, you can also find more information about the Vikings on the BBC Bitesize website.

We have been using this website in class and there are many video clips and interactive games to play.

We have found this topic really interesting so far!


Robin Hood

Our English topic this half-term has been based on the adventures of Robin Hood.

We really enjoy creating actions to help us remember the text and magpie vocabulary which we can then use in our own writing.

Here we are showing you some of our actions,

'Gather friends, for I have a story to tell you...'


Class Representatives

Recently, we have voted for children to represent our class in school.

Thank you to our...

Junior Librarians

Harry & Elodie

School Council 

Kyle & Jessica

Digital Leaders

Ethan & Leo

Vision & Values 

Harry & Emme




Super Science!

In Spring 1, our Science topic is Skeletons. Our WOW introduction lesson included making a model of the human skeleton out of bones (not real bones-biscuits!). This was to find out what we already knew about the human skeleton.

It was a really fun activity and we were all impressed with our models!




Our Christian Value for Autumn Term 2 is...




Christmas Fair!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas fair.

We enjoyed making products to sell as part of our enterprise topic.

We had to learn how to advertise and price our products.

We also had lots of fun at our School Disco (here we are at our favourite part of the night...the snow machine!).



Our Special Christmas Visitors...

Just before the Christmas holidays, we were lucky enough to meet a real reindeer.

We were able to stroke him and had to remember to whisper our name in his ear!



The Industrial Revolution - Living Museum!

In History, we have been learning all about the Industrial Revolution and what life was like for children living in the 19th Century.

Today, we invited KS1 to visit our classroom which had been transformed. 

KS1 children had the opportunity to...

-become a chimney sweep

-play traditional games like marbles and tiddlywinks

-visit a Victorian school and write on slates 

-visit our museum with artefacts and photographs

This was an enjoyable morning for all!

Class 4/5 shared their knowledge, taught KS1 new skills and read to them.

We are looking forward to doing this again soon!


P.S.H.E. - Friendships

As part of our 'Relationships' topic, we learnt how to play traditional playground games such as, 'In and Out the Dusty Bluebells' and 'What Time is it Mr Wolf?'

As you can tell, we enjoyed playing these in the snow!


Mayor of Burnley Visit

As part of our 'Making it in Burnley' topic, we were really pleased to invite the Mayor of Burnley into our school where he shared his role in our town.

We would like to thank him for this special event where we were able to ask many questions and learn many things. Thank you!

Some of us decided that we would like to become mayor one day!


Thank you!

Thank you to all who came to watch our Class Worship.

We really enjoyed sharing our Christian value 'Compassion' and showing you what we have been learning this term. We enjoyed singing, acting, reciting poetry and sharing our Oliver Twist Talk4Writing text with actions.

Click above to watch 'The Parable of the Good Samaritan' animation.


Our Christian Value for Autumn Term 1 is...




Look at our FOSSILS!


Super Science!

Year 4 have been learning all about ROCKS!

We are now Rock Detectives :)

We have made our own 'dirt puddings' to represent the soil layers. Just in case you would like to make it again at home, here's what you will need:

Mantle, inner and outer core - strawberry ice-cream sauce

Earth's crust - a plain biscuit (which fits the bottom of the clear, plastic cup)

Bedrock - thin layer of wafers

Rocky soil - chocolate chips/drops

Subsoil - chocolate dessert/mousse

Topsoil - crushed Oreo biscuits




Last week, we had a carousel of activities where we were able to test the properties of different rocks-permeability, durability, density and reaction with acid (vinegar).





We have also been listening to our rock song to help us to learn key vocabulary-



Library Opening!

Last Friday, we had a special visitor who opened our newly refurbished library.

It looks amazing!

Thank you to everyone who helped to create such a wonderful space for us to read!


Dan Worsley put on his storytelling waistcoat and shared one of his hilarious short stories. It was something which we all really enjoyed.

Dan Worsley also shared some of his writing and editing tips which we will use when we write our own stories.

Thank you so much Dan Worsley for visiting our school and inspiring us with your brilliant stories!