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Welcome to Class R/1!


Our teacher is Miss Parkinson.

Miss Tattersall supports our learning in class.


Mrs Cassidy and Mrs Burnett also teach in our classroom.

Please read the welcome letter to find out about Class R/1...

Our Christian Value for Summer Term 1 is...



We will be thinking about how we can be a good friend in our everyday lives.  Each week, someone  who demonstrates this Christian Value can take our Bear home for a sleepover.

Please click on the link below to access Purple Mash!


Blackpool Zoo

We had an amazing time at Blackpool Zoo. Both the teachers and the children were very happy and excited when we arrived at the Zoo. We bagan our day by going to an African Animal workshop. In the workshop we stroked a snake, stood next to a giraffe’s leg bone, felt elephant skin and stroked an African snail. 

We then explored the Zoo and saw lots of animals including giraffes, camels, elephants, tigers, lions and monkeys. 

Peace At Last - Jill Murphy

Image result for peace at last


We have been looking at Stories by the same author. Our main focus has been Peace At Last. We have loved this story and have created some fantastic writing! We acted out the story in small groups and then innovated the setting to the woods. We went onto the playground to pretend that we were trying to sleep and listened to the possible sounds that would wake us up.


Isac - "The crawling creatures crunching in the leaves".


Danyal - "The noisy sirens".


Miley - "The tweeting birds".


7th March - World Book Day - Shakespeare!

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We began our learning by having an introduction to Shakespeare and finding lots of facts out about him. We created some portraits of Shakespeare with water paints.

After play time, we learnt about the story of Romeo and Juliet. We worked in small groups to act out the story following a story map.

We spent the afternoon innovating the ending of Romeo and Juliet to make it into a happy ending. We made puppet sticks to retell our new innovated stories.

Finally, we finished our day by watching the ending of the remake 'Gnomeo and Juliet' to compare it with the original story.


2nd March - Home Learning

Y1 - We will be having a number bonds quiz next week so please try to learn the number bonds off by heart. You will need to complete the activity above to help you and click on the links below to play some number bond games.


Save the Whale

Hit the Button

World Book Day

1st March 2018


Thursday 1st March 2018 is officially World Book Day. However, due to the weather conditions, we have decided to celebrate this next Thursday on the 8th March.


Click on the link below to listen to free online audio books...

1st March - Home Learning

Click on the links below to find some fantastic maths games...


Ladybird Number Bonds - Y1

Hit the Button - Y1


Number Fact Families - Reception

Blast Off! - Reception



Click on the links below to find some phonics games.

Y1 - Choose Phase 5 sounds to practice.

Reception - Practice our new digraph 'oo' in Phase 3...


Dragon's Den

Buried Treasure

Snow Activities

Go on a snow walk with your family and friends. You could make a winter snow booklet and take lots of photos. Use the document below to help you.

Space Explorers - Friday 26th January 2018

This week we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. Some of us have been on shape hunts around school and in the outdoor provision. Year 1 children built castles out of 3D shapes and started to name and describe these shapes. Miss Parkinson has been very impressed with our shape knowledge! 

Our Launch to Space!

This afternoon we have launched ourselves to Space. This term we will be learning all about Man's 1st Landing on the Moon. So today we have pretended to be in a rocket and have learnt what it's like in Space. Miss Parkinson also dressed up and we all walked around the classroom as though we were astronauts! 

Being Victorians!

Today we have stepped into a time capsule and traveled back in time! We are learning about the history of the school so today we started our learning off with a Victorian lesson. Miss Parkinson set the tables out into rows to begin our Victorian lesson! We all entered the room with a penny and Miss Parkinson inspected our hands and fingernails. We had great fun pretending to be Victorians by writing on slate boards and copy books. To finish the lesson off we even played a Victorian game called 'Pass the Slipper.'


We compared our classroom with some pictures and videos of Victorian classrooms. 

"They didn't have the same board as us!"   - Miley

"They didn't have any books."   - Amelia

"The tables don't look the same."    - Addison

"They had chalk boards!"    - Isabela 

Exploring Capacity - Thursday 23rd November

We have been learning about capacity in Maths this week. We have looked at key vocabulary to describe capacity. Today, we explored the capacity of lots of different containers. We also brought our fabulous fraction knowledge into it and filled the containers half full and quarter full! Miss Parkinson was very impressed with our hard work! 

Talk for Writing Story Telling

Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. To help us learn, we have used the Talk for Writing actions and have included some of our own. Today, we have become authors and have innovated some of the story to make it our very own! Here are some pictures of us practicing our own stories using the Talk for Writing actions!

Learning to be a gymnast!

Today in PE we have been learning to be gymnasts! We have learnt how to do a pencil roll, how to sit and walk like a gymnast and how to do the caterpillar crawl. We had lots of fun! Some of us even showed off our balancing skills on the climbing apparatus. 

Pizza Fractions! 13th November 2017

Today we have started to learn about fractions. We have explored fractions by making our very own pizzas and cutting them in half and quarters to share with Miss Parkinson!

Exploring Autumn!

This week we have observed the changes throughout Autumn. We have searched for conkers, squirrels and lots of crunchy leaves. Year 1 children have written a list so that they can write their own poems describing Autumn.

Reception children have been learning to use tally marks to record how many conkers, leaves and sticks they found.

We have also been on a Bug Hunt around the school grounds to look at the different micro-habitats. It was a very successful hunt! We found caterpillars, ladybirds, woodlice, snails and slugs. 

Wednesday 26th October 2017 - We have been shape Detectives!

This week in Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Today we drew our own shapes and made shapes with skipping ropes. We have been learning how to describe these shapes.

Wednesday 18th October - No Pens Day Wednesday! 

Today we explored resilience with a focus on speaking and listening. We started the day with a PSHE lesson, finding out the meaning of resilience. We worked as a team to construct a model, listening to each others ideas. Some of us found this a bit tricky at first, but we soon learnt how to be a good team member by showing resilience!

To continue our No Pens Wednesday Day, we completed a range of activities to show resilience. Miss Parkinson was very impressed with how much we all tried our hardest to show resilience! At the end of the day some children made comments about their learning:

Danyal - "I found skipping difficult at first but then I could do it and it made me feel happy."

Miley - "I found it hard with the bean bag on my head but I tried and tried again until I could do it."

Thursday 28th September - We have found a dinosaur egg!

Today we found some mysterious footprints in the sand and on the school field. We had walked around school and discussed what they could be. We compared the footprints to animal and dinosaur footprints. 

We then found an egg outside of the school gates! It was covered in leaves. Miss Parkinson suggested bringing it back into class to show the rest of the children. 

We later discovered that it was a dinosaur egg and we will be learning about dinosaurs for the next couple of weeks! 

Roald Dahl Day - Wednesday 13th September 2017

On Wednesday 13th September, we celebrated the day that Roald Dahl would have turned 101 years old.

EYFS and Key Stage 1 focused on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and the teachers came to school dressed as characters from the story. 

We had a great morning, making some sweet collages and describing Willy Wonka with some fantastic adjectives!

Science - Animals - Wednesday 13th September 2017

Today in Science we have been learning how animals need to be treated with care to keep them alive. We discussed how we look after our pets at home. Children explained how they feed, water and exercise their pets to ensure they are healthy.

We have made bird feeders for our gardens to keep birds happy and healthy. We hope you enjoy watching the birds eat their cheerios!