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The Governing Board

The Governing Board Prayer


As Governors in a Church of England Primary school we always open our meetings in prayer and close our meetings with The Grace. 


Heavenly Father,
May your strength support us in our leadership:
May your grace open our hearts and minds;
May the light of your spirit enter our discussions:
May your wisdom inspire our decisions:
May your mercy bring compassion and understanding
into our relationship with everyone:
May your forgiveness bring us humility
And may Christ's love be at the heart of all we do.

As a Governing Board we have a code of conduct to follow which we all agree to and sign

St James' Lanehead VA Church of England Primary  School Governors


The Governing Board   meet at least once a term and visit the school. In consultation with the Headteacher they are responsible for the Finance, Curriculum, Management and Discipline of the school. They have regular full meetings and work with the Headteacher, Diocese and LEA to enable the school to perform its functions.


The Governing Board  provide challenge and support to ensure the school is run efficiently and all policies and practices are in line with the trust deed of the school and fulfill statutory obligations. Governors are re-elected every four years.


The Governing Board   promote the British Values and Christian values of the school. 


In a Voluntary Aided School the Governors are Trustees of the premises. They are responsible for all maintenance, repairs, improvements and extensions. Only major work & improvements attract a 90% grant from the DfE. The remaining 10% and minor improvement costs have to be met by the Governing body.


Attendance at meetings is paramount and governors are expected to give their voluntary time to the school.


This academic year the clerk to the The Governing Board   Chair and Vice Chair of Governors monitor the attendance at Governing Body meetings. This information will be published on the school website. 




St James' Lanehead Governing Board Committees

Governing Body Annual Statement 2016-2017

We intend to add further Governor profiles to the website in the Academic Year 2017-2018.