Here at St. James’ we are proud to welcome families from a wealth of different cultures and backgrounds and we greatly value the rich diversity of our school community. We have pupils from all around the world and lots of different languages spoken and therefore support for EAL is an important part of our school.

Our pupils are all learning English at different stages and teaching and learning in school reflects this. We want all of our pupils to become fluent in English – both at a social and an academic level and we value the extent that families contribute to this.

Our Aim

All pupils need to feel safe and secure, accepted and valued in order to learn. This includes valuing every learner’s home language and background. As a school we recognise that bilingualism is a strength that EAL pupils should be proud of. As a school we recognise that it is important to raise an awareness of the different languages and cultural backgrounds our pupils have. Classrooms are socially and intellectually inclusive here at St James’, valuing cultural differences.

Useful Websites

There are lots of valuable online resources that can help support learning English as an additional language, but please don’t forget the home language! A strong home language is absolutely crucial in helping pupils to learn English

EAL Home Learning Resources

Games to Learn English


The British Council

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